Retail Banking Fast Track Fraud Vulnerability Assessment

If you're thinking of upgrading the fraud-fighting capabilities of your organization, you realize that there are more opportunities to spend money on new initiatives than your budget will allow you to spend. You'll want to be very sure that you're picking the opportunities that offer you the most "bang for the buck".

Our Fast Track Fraud Vulnerability Assessment will help you spot the areas you'll need to focus on. Using our Fraud Management Lifecycle® model, we analyze your key points of vulnerability, as well as the effectiveness of your current efforts in the areas of fraud prevention, detection, mitigation, analysis, policy and investigation. We provide you with a set of specific and prioritized recommendations that are tailored to help you minimize fraud losses, while keeping expenses under control.

What we will do for you:

  • Identify vulnerabilities in each of the three important dimensions (current losses, evolving patterns, and new products/channels).
  • Identify vulnerabilities in each phase of the Fraud Management Life Cycle (prevention, detection, mitigation, investigation, etc.).
  • Provide actionable recommendations to remediate the vulnerabilities identified.

You’ll be interested in this service if:

  • You have recently experienced an unexpected increase in fraud losses.
  • You have established a new delivery channel for your products and services, and want to make sure you are protected against future vulnerabilities.
  • You want to establish an infrastructure and foundation for continuous improvement of your fraud management capabilities.

The key benefits you’ll gain from this service are:

  • A reduction in current and future fraud losses.
  • A detailed understanding of your current weaknesses and efficient plans to remedy those weaknesses.
  • An increase in the cost-effectiveness of your current fraud management resources.
  • An understanding of where to focus your efforts going forward.