Retail Banking

Are you losing sleep because of all the ways fraud can be committed across the various product lines in your retail bank? In any retail banking enterprise, a fraud attempt can occur using one or several of the following product lines and/or channels:

HELOC Accounts
Wire Transfers
ATM Transactions
Deposit Accounts
ACH Transfers
Bill-Pay Transactions
Checking Accounts
Forged Checks
Web Transactions
Bogus Checks
Phone Transactions

As if that's not enough, you've also got to worry about whether each fraud attempt involves the account holder, and/or one or more of your own employees. In short, a coordinated cross-channel approach is absolutely critical if you are to have a chance of success.

We can help you develop and execute a comprehensive cross-channel strategy, by applying our unique analytical tools and processes, such as the Fraud Management Lifecycle® to make critical decisions and priority calls on the fraud tools that best fit your fraud management approach and structure.

Internal Fraud Review
Fraud Management Lifecycle® Implementation
Fast Track Fraud Vulnerability Assessment
Fraud Analytics and Detection Modeling