Fraud Management Vendors

Let's face it. The world of fraud management platforms and software is changing rapidly. Industry consolidation is bringing about radical changes to your customer base. New banking products and product delivery methods are forcing you to re-think your architecture and validate its effectiveness both now and for the future. And changing fraud patterns are an ever-present source of concern.

We can help you ensure that your software and platform architectures will not only meet today's needs, but tomorrow's as well. Our team has combined experience of over 30 years in all phases of software design and development, including the following:

  • gathering market and customer requirements
  • software design methods, including model-driven, iterative, and object-oriented
  • database and business rule design
  • analytical model selection, including both neural networks and statistical models

We're available to provide a comprehensive review of your product roadmap and strategy, or drill down into areas where you'd like specific and concrete product recommendations.

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