Fraud Awareness Training

There are often circumstances where you need to train your staff, but don't want to send them offsite for face-to-face training. Perhaps the demands on your staff are so critical that they can't be away that long. Perhaps you're looking to make a large group of your employees aware of fraud and how they can contribute to minimizing fraud losses. And perhaps you need to do so on a modest budget.

Through our partnership with FraudAware®, we're able to offer you top quality, customized web-based anti-fraud training, backed by our team of top experts, to equip your people with the knowledge needed to Prevent, Detect and Report all types of fraud. Our course modules include:

  • Fraud overview: What is fraud? Where does it occur? How is it managed?
  • Spotting and Stopping Fraud: How do you recognize fraud? What do you do when you spot it? How do you communicate your findings within your organization?
  • Cross-channel fraud: What do you do if you've only got one piece of the puzzle? How do you co-ordinate with others in your organization.
  • Fraud update: What are the latest fraud scams and schemes? What countermeasures are most effective

Customized web-based anti-fraud training is the best way to ensure that all of your staff is on the lookout for fraud all of the time, and knows all of the steps to take when fraud is spotted.
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