Chargeback Management Lifecycle® Training

If you're an online retailer, you know that managing chargebacks means more than just reducing the number of occurrences. You also need to have solid, reliable business processes that manage chargeback and representment transactions in a timely and accurate fashion. Above all, you want to make sure that you don't miss any opportunities to recover your losses because you missed a deadline or failed to follow the rules of the chargeback and representment processes.

Because effective chargeback management is critical but often overlooked, we've developed a special course to train your staff on the do's and don'ts of effective chargeback management. We've developed a unique model, which we call the Chargeback Management Lifecycle®, to help your organization map out the necessary steps, and allocate sufficient resources to them to ensure a payback on your efforts. With our training, our staff will be well positioned to help minimize chargeback losses by responding to chargebacks as quickly and accurately as possible.