As your online business grows, so does your potential for fraud-related losses.  We don’t need to tell you that it’s important to minimize these losses – both from a financial perspective and to ensure that you retain your card acceptance privileges by keeping chargebacks to appropriate levels.  It’s a real challenge to protect yourself while still minimizing order abandonment and maintaining an excellent customer experience.  Strong analytical models, combined with cost-effective manual review processes, are the key to success in your world.

We can help you develop and execute a cost-effective anti-fraud strategy by applying our unique analytical tools and processes to help you develop a balanced and cost-effective approach.  Our team has a combined experience of 90 years fighting fraud on four continents, and over 30 years experience developing analytical models that are optimized for catching fraud in high volume situations.  We’re eager to put that experience to work in helping you develop fraud fighting techniques that will meet your needs.

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