Services for Merchants

As a merchant who accepts payment cards, you know that every payment card transaction carries with it some level of risk. You have to consider a host of contingencies related to shrinkage, fraudulent returns, fraudulent card usage, collusive employees, and the potential for chargebacks associated with these contingencies. Difficult economic times make these contingencies all the more real.

You also need to monitor your purchase processes to stay in compliance with card association regulations, and avoid unnecessary chargebacks. Above all, you need to make sure your chargeback levels do not increase to a level that jeopardizes your card privileges, or even your economic survival.

At the Fraud Management Institute, we have decades of experience with payment systems and their often confusing requirements. To assist merchants with their unique needs, we've developed a set of service offerings that are specifically designed to assist you in managing your own payment processes to maximize compliance and minimize economic losses.

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Chargeback Reduction Plan
Fraud Analytics and Detection Modeling