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As a card issuer, it must seem that your war against fraudsters has expanded to a 360 degree front. Fraud techniques are constantly evolving in new and unexpected ways.

Take counterfeit fraud as an example. Skimmed cards with correct PIN's are now being increasingly used in internet banking applications. To fight this development, you need to do your utmost to detect incidents of mass compromise or skimming with PIN capture, whether they occur at your own ATM's, other institutions ATM's, or merchant POS locations.

Detecting these incidents is only the start. You need to identify both the point of compromise and the point of fraud, as well as any connection between the two. You need to make complex tradeoffs when deciding whether to re-issue cards or not. In short, you need to develop a real time risk management decision making capability.

This is only one example, of course. Other examples abound, such as:

  1. newly identified weaknesses in ANI-based card activation procedures
  2. new application fraud that uses identify theft and synthetic identity techniques.
  3. new techniques for compromising AVS and CVC2, safeguards against "card not present" fraud.
  4. increasing customer complicity in "lost or stolen" card fraud and bust-out schemes

At the Fraud Management Institute, we've got over 90 year of cumulative experience in fraud management. We're ready to help you to develop immediate solutions to specific issues that you face, conduct a comprehensive review of your overall fraud management efforts, or assist you in establishing whole new fraud management capabilities.

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