Services for Acquirers

As an acquiring institution, you know that your success as well as your risks are tied to your ability to manage merchant activity effectively. The risks involved in merchant transactions have increased as use of the internet and ACH facilities have increased the amount of card-not-present activity, and its potential for fraud.

Managing the risks associated with merchant activity requires you to understand your merchants and their practices. Monitoring chargeback levels and trends is critical. You also need to analyze individual websites and chargebacks in order to understand merchant practices and employee behavior. Reserve level decisions involve complex tradeoffs that benefit from sound analytic and modeling practices.

Merchant practices require constant review. New merchant products and services often involve new processes, which open up the opportunity for new types of fraud, causing chargeback levels to increase rapidly. Difficult economic circumstances compound the complexities, as merchants become more eager to make each sale. Bankruptcies and self-dealing by the merchant become more than just theoretical concerns.

An integrated and comprehensive program for understanding and monitoring your merchant activity is the only defense you have against unforeseen contingencies. With over 90 years cumulative experience in fraud management, the Fraud Management Institute stands ready to help you establish the pieces of this program that are missing, or to develop an integrated program that covers all the bases. To this end, we've developed a set of service offerings that are specifically designed to assist merchants with their unique needs.

Fraud Vulnerability Assessment
Fraud Management Lifecycle® Implementation
Fraud Analytics and Detection Modeling