Card Business

Payment cards are expanding rapidly as a primary payment method for many consumers and businesses. New card types, such as pre-paid gift cards are becoming more popular. But the potential for fraud is increasing right along with the volume of card transactions. In fact, fraud in the card space is taking on the dimensions of a technological "arms race", with fraudsters pitting their latest technologies, such as skimming and electronic pick pocketing, against defensive technologies that include neural networks, IP address and cell phone geographic location.

We can help you develop and execute a cost-effective anti-fraud strategy by applying our unique analytical tools and processes, such as the Fraud Management Lifecycle® to make critical decisions and priority calls on fraud tools and technologies that best fit your fraud management approach and structure. Our team has a combined experience of over 90 years fighting fraud on four continents, and we're eager to put that experience to work in helping you develop fraud fighting techniques that will meet your needs.

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