"The Fraud Management Institute's depth of experience, analytical capabilities, and understanding of the banking industry continues to be a real asset in refining and improving Active Sentry™."

Sam Fleming
CTO NextSentry™ Corporation


The Fraud Management Institute offers a wide range of services to support your fraud and loss management activities, whether you are a financial institution, a retailer, or a firm that provides critical payment infrastructure.

Our support services range from assistance with your overall fraud management organization, to advice on modeling and detection of specific types of fraud that you need to get control over, to assistance with selecting specific tools and platforms.

If you wish to:

  • identify the specific vulnerabilities of your organization
  • keep ahead of fraudsters in the fast-moving technology "arms race"
  • retain your card acceptance privileges by keeping chargebacks low
  • upgrade the skills of your staffers to make them more effective

The Fraud Management Institute can provide the support you need.