Key Personnel


Mike Freiling  Director of Professional Services  
Mike Freiling combines over fifteen years of experience in financial software development with analytical skills and a deep theoretical background.  At Washington Mutual (2004 - 2008), Mike developed systems for credit card underwriting, employee fraud detection, and credit loss forecasting.  Prior to joining Washington Mutual, Mike was Managing Consultant at Conceptrics, where he conducted research for investment firms, as well as advising them on the development of analytical and back office computer systems, ranging from market simulations to performance reporting and visualization.

Mike holds a Ph.D. in Applied Math from MIT, and was named a Henry Luce Scholar at Kyoto University in Japan.  He is also a CFA charter holder.


Wesley Wilhelm  Executive Director  
Wes has over 28 years of experience in banking, software, and risk management. Wes joined WaMu's retail bank as Vice President of Consumer Deposit Products Risk Management in 2005. In his 3 1/2 plus years at WaMu he worked on a wide variety of fraud reduction initiatives across the enterprise; Improving Debit Card (Sig & PIN) fraud detection, proactive employee fraud detection, HELOC FML vulnerability assessment, ATM skimming response plan, small business fraud risk assessments, fraud vendor product assessments, FACT Act compliance, and leadership of a cross functional fraud investigation of a call center vendor's employees.

Wes was a Director at Fair Isaac Company (formerly HNC Software) from 1997 to 2005. At Fair Isaac Wes developed and customized fraud detection systems that utilized neural network models and other advanced data analysis techniques. He specialized in banking and financial industry solutions including detection, operations, internal fraud, organizational design, credit risk, and transaction patterns. As a recognized expert in fraud management he frequently presents at national and international conferences and is a named inventor on two United States Patents in fraud management.

Wes earned his Masters of Science in Economic Crime Management from Utica College, where he continues to serve as an adjunct professor. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of California and is a Certified Financial Crimes Investigator.


David Thoms  Director of Analytics
 David is an expert in the effective application of analytical tools and processes, and has a 16-year track record of delivering exceptional outcomes through the application of analytics.  In the course of his career, he has played key analytical roles and led analytical teams supporting fraud, risk, and marketing goals for top retail banks, credit card firms, and data-driven online retailers.  Most recently, he has been an analytical consultant for startups and venture capital firms involved in predictive analytics.  Immediately prior to that, he led a dramatic turnaround of deposit fraud for Washington Mutual, for which he received WaMu's "ACE" award.
David has a Master's degree in Economics from Texas Christian University, where he also previously taught in the Economics department as an adjunct member of the faculty.

Suzanne Lynch  Senior Consultant
Sue has extensive experience in risk analysis, fraud control development & investigations with a focus on electronic payments.  She has held fraud management positions at MasterCard Worldwide, Goldman Sachs, and Comerica Bank. In those varied roles, she has had such wide ranging responsibilities as managing fraud issues relating to credit cards, ATM debit networks, prepaid cards and new products.  She served as the investigations liaison for Cyber Threat Unit, US Secret Service and other local, state and federal law enforcement.  Additional responsibilities included the investigation of multi -tiered payment processing vendors to identify transaction origination and liability issues.

Sue is a consultant to fraud detection software vendors in the development and implementation of new fraud technology.  She has conducted fraud training throughout the world for such diverse entities as Europol, Estonian Federal Police, NYPD, US Secret Service, ICE, CIA, and the Financial Services Authority in the UK.

Sue holds a BS in Criminal Justice from Wayne State University and a MS in Economic Crime Management from Utica College. She is a visiting adjunct professor in the Economic Crime Management program at Utica College and an instructor at New York University.  

Ed Potter  Senior Consultant
Ed has over thirty-five years experience in the financial services industry including twenty-five years at JP Morgan Chase Bank where, as one of his many accomplishments, he chaired the bank wide Fraud Committee. That committee was tasked with developing enterprise-based solutions to risk from payments systems fraud. The success of the committee is evidenced in that JP Morgan Chase has traditionally lead the industry in the implementation of leading edge fraud technologies and has consistently experienced one of the least amounts of fraud losses among peer banks.  Ed has also chaired or was the founding member of other industry-based committees including those now sponsored by the American Bankers Association, the New York Clearing House and BITS.

Ed serves the legal industry as an expert witness and has been retained in many cases involving bank operations, fraud, and identity theft.  He frequently speaks at such industry-wide forums as the Bank Administration Institute about various topics relating to fraud, including newly available fraud management products, pending and recently enacted legislation, and industry best practices. Most recently he has been participating in Web-based seminars wherein he offered guidance and recommendations for creating an enterprise solution to addressing regulatory compliance.
Ed is also a professor teaching online in the graduate level Economic Crime Management program for Utica College. Ed has a Bachelor of Science degree from Villanova University and has earned a Master of Science in Economic Crime Management from Utica College.

Michelle Reagan  Senior Consultant
Michelle has over ten years of experience in analytics, software, and risk management.  As an FVP of Retail Risk Management at Washington Mutual, she drove the implementation of several large-scale systems to improve fraud detection and management capabilities.  She was also a key player in reducing debit card losses, especially during a major system migration.  While she was at Fair Isaac, Michelle developed a variety of analytically-based tools, including solutions to improve collections, target high revenue credit card customers, identify fraudulent applications, and rank credit risk.  She has extensive experience in implementing risk management systems and strategies to yield bottom-line results.

Michelle holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, where she graduated magna cum laude.