Our Customers

The Fraud Management Institute provides value to its customers in many ways – analyzing past fraud losses, reducing current fraud losses, preventing future fraud losses and the utilization of scarce fraud management resources.  Here are some of our satisfied customer's thoughts on our success.


The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection

"The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection, housed at Utica College, is a research collaborative dedicated to furthering a national research agenda on identity management, information sharing, and data protection.  Staff of the Fraud Management Institute helped us with text data analysis on our report "Identity Fraud Trends and Patterns: Building a Data-Based foundation for Proactive Enforcement" which was produced under a grant from the Bureau of Justice Administration.  The FMI staff provided invaluable assistance analyzing the textual case note data generated from the review of six years of U.S. Secret Service Identity Theft case files"  Donald J. Rebovich, Ph.D. Executive Director CIMIP

The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection
Donald J. Rebovich, Ph.D. Executive Director
1600 Burrstone Road
Utica, NY 13502-4892
Phone +1-315-792-3231 | Fax +1-315-792-3173 |


ID InsightSM, Inc.

"ID InsightSM Inc. develops enterprise level identity fraud solutions grounded in state of the art analytical techniques.  These solutions help businesses detect fraudulent address activity before it takes its toll on their bottom line and their customers.  The Fraud Management Institute is helping us to survey and understand current thinking and current practice in the professional fraud management discipline with regard to fraudulent address activity and the use of robust analytically based solutions.  The Fraud Management Institute's insight into the current realities of the banking world and their understanding of the best practices that are currently in use has been extremely valuable in conducting the survey." Adam Elliott President ID InsightSM Inc.

ID InsightSM, Inc.
105 E 4th Street, Suite 213
Northfield, MN  55057
Phone:  1-877-749-8731


NextSentry™ Corporation

"NextSentry™ Corporation develops cutting edge analytical products that protect sensitive customer information across the enterprise from accidental or intentional employee compromise and misuse.  The Fraud Management Institute helped us to expand the space of potential employee fraud techniques and to expand our Active Sentry™ product offering to include a wider variety of capabilities.  This has helped Active Sentry™ become a leader in the data privacy protection industry.  The Fraud Management Institute's depth of experience, analytical capabilities, and understanding of the banking industry continues to be a real asset in refining and improving Active Sentry™."  Sam Fleming CTO NextSentry™ Corporation

NextSentry™ Corporation
421 West Riverside Ave. 16th Floor
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone:  1-509-458-8639
Fax 1-509-624-6482
Email:  info@nextsentry.com