“The FMI staff provided invaluable assistance analyzing the textual case note data generated from the review of six years of U.S. Secret Service Identity Theft case files”

Donald J. Rebovich, Ph.D. Executive Director CIMIP

About the FMI

The Fraud Management Institute was founded in 2007 to provide needed support to the fraud management community, including both professional fraud risk managers and the vendors who serve them.

The institute's focus is on improving the level of communication and knowledge sharing among all members of the community. We plan to achieve this goal by cooperating with vendors and risk management organizations to develop and exploit:

  • New sources of data on fraud tactics and behavior.
  • New sources of knowledge regarding best practices in fraud management.
  • Robust frameworks to integrate available knowledge into daily decision making.
  • Solid analytical foundations for making sense of available information.
  • Effective and actionable strategies based on state of the art analysis.

By organizing and sharing the critical knowledge that we all depend on for successful fraud management, the Fraud Management Institute hopes to contribute to reducing overall fraud losses, upgrading the skills of all those concerned with managing fraud, and evolving today's fraud risk management teams into the highly dynamic and adaptive organizations that will be needed tomorrow.